(Shuh-ghee Wuh-ghee)

I know, I know. "Where," you’re wondering, "did the name SugieWogie come from?"

Well, my father has called me SugieWogie since I was a little girl. I wanted to create a line of clothing and accessories that would be a refection of everything my parents inspired me to be: creative and confident with a sense of humor and a splash of verve. A collection that could bestow women with each of these qualities. Hence the name, SugieWogie.

I believe that fashion is an art. Instead of paint and brush, women can express themselves by combining different textures, colors, layers to create a new masterpiece each and every day. And I believe real women with real bodies deserve the right to express themselves with style and fashion, too. I wanted the SugieWogie Collection to be the medium in which this can happen.

I created SugieWogie because I believe all women should be able to celebrate rather than dread swimsuit season. SugieWogie SwimDresses control your imperfections, but never tame your spirit. These are dresses you can feel good about wearing everywhere, whether it’s to the beach the pool, out to dinner or dancing.

The SugieWogie Signature Collection of designer SwimDresses highlight what you want to flaunt and provide coverage and control for what you want to hide:

Most swimsuits cut off at the widest part of a woman's body — her hips (who's idea was that?) The SugieWogie SwimDress is a bit longer, the perfect length to cover problem areas.
Each SugieWogie SwimDress is fitted with internal body-shaping to sculpt every body. Say hello to your inner hourglass figure.
Lightly-padded to fit most cup sizes, with underwire support for a little extra lift.
Thanks to built-in, body-hugging, control shorts with a folded edge, your thighs will look their best..
Need you ask? Black, but of course. Every woman's best friend.

SugieWogie Signature Collection SwimDresses come in 4 designer styles: Cheers for Tiers, Splash Safari, Marilyn Sighting and Ruche Hour. Each, crafted from a luxuriously soft nylon/spandex blend with a concealing, sheer mesh overlay.

To compliment your dresses, may I suggest:
The SugieWogie Signature Cover-Up Top Collection: In 2 styles, Ruffles Hide Ridges and Oh So Kimono. The SugieWogie Not-So-Little Black Beach Bag: Wear it to the beach, wear it on the town.

Stay tuned for more exciting accessories, coming soon!

To me, it all comes down to a quote from the movie, "What a Girl Wants":
          "Why try to fit in when you were born to stand out?"

SugieWogie SwimDresses are Patented SwimDresses. Made in the USA.